Open Source Tools

Until I can get better documentation in place, here is at least a link to the various bits of technology that I created or worked on.

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First there is Lemur which is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) library built directly from jMonkeyEngine scene graph components.

Zay-ES a light-weight Entity-component-system with built-in support for networking and persistence. In my opinion, it is the only “pure” entity system library for Java that I’ve encountered.

SimArboreal consists of both a stand-alone library and a visual configuration tool for create tree models. The editor allows a developer to create a template that then can be procedurally randomized at runtime to produce a variety of distinct trees. Alternately, one can simply export a j3o model directly from the editor.

SimArboreal Editor
IsoSurface is a library that allows infinite terrain generation using isosurfaces. An IsoSurfaceDemo is also provide illustrating how to combine the terrain generation with paging, grass generation, and tree placement.

IsoSurface Demo View

A package of useful effects that are built to be easy drop-in components for jMonkeyEngine applications. Currently includes a full atmospheric scattering implementation and light management. SimFX Github Repo

A general grid-based paging framework for use in managing the threading of infinite terrain. Supports multiple grid sizes and even grid parent/child relationships. Used heavily by the IsoSurface code. Pager Github Repo

I’m also a core developer on jMonkeyEngine which is the best 3D Java-based open source game engine. jMonkeyEngine Home