A Beginning of Sorts…

The Simsilica web site has been in place holder mode for some time now.  In the mean time, I’ve done several other small projects that were not directly Mythruna-related and I’ve half-lamented not having a better venue for such topics.  Truthfully, I’d probably be posting them to the Mythruna pages, also… but it feels better to me to have a potential home for these things that are larger, or are tangential to, Mythruna.

With that in mind, I created a more “real” site for Simsilica; Now I can post blog entries and things about stuff that I’m working on that is interesting.  I’d like this section to be a sort of blog of related side-projects as well as perhaps some more developer-focused articles on low level tech that I’m using or experimenting with.

I guess we’ll see.